Policies & Regulations

Our guidance on different aspects of running a fintech in Uganda

Code of Conduct for Fintech Industry in Uganda

FITSPA Code of Conduct for the Fintech Industry

Anti Money Laundering Act

Amendmnts to the Anti Money Laundering Act

Data Privacy Act 2019

An act to regulate collection of personal data

National Payment Systems Sandbox

Sandbox Regulations 2021

National Payment Systems

Agent Regulations

Fintech Guiding Toolkits

Our guidance on different aspects of running a fintech in Uganda

NPS Sandbox Toolkit

The Natioanl Payment System Sandbox Regulation Toolkit, 2021

E-Tax Tool Kit

Uganda electronic taxation guidance Tool Kit

Tax Tool Kit

Uganda taxation guidance Tool Kit for fintechs

NPS Compliance Guide

Compliance Guidance Tool for the NPS Regulations 2021


The Data Protection and Privacy Act 2019 Toolkit


Starting a Fintech Busniess in Uganda

National Payment Systems

License Categories Toolkit

Fintech Industry Reports

Industry related reports

FITSPA Uganda Profile

We aim to create a conducive environment to stimulate innovation in the financial services sector.

State of Uganda’s FinTech Industry

A detailed, industry-backed analysis of the FinTech industry

Report on FITSPA Annual Fintech Conference

Building a Safe and Regulated Eco-System

Bank of Uganda Monetary Policy Report

Bank of Uganda Monetary Policy Report for June 2020

Global Covid-19 Financial Assessment

A study on the impact of Covid-19 on financial services