Building a community of empowered women in technology and digital financial services.

FITSPA Women is a community of women in technology and digital Financial Services. FITSPA Women was established to empower and support women in the sector. Through various activities, FITSPA Women aims to promote gender diversity and inclusion in the industry and support women in achieving their full potential.

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Fitspa Women

Why FITSPA Women

The State of Uganda's Fintech Industry report has revealed a significant gender gap. While most fintech companies employ over 50% women, they account for only 35% of the talent workforce, particularly at managerial levels and in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. This data reflects the persistent industry challenge in attracting and retaining women, despite their increasing representation within tech organizations.

At FITSPA Women, we are committed to bridging this gap and creating a transformative environment for women in fintech. We firmly believe in empowering and supporting women's personal and professional lives. By joining our community, you become part of a movement actively addressing these issues and fostering women's empowerment.

FITSPA Women Programs and Activities

FITSPA has structured deliberate and tailor-made programs for the women’s community to facilitate capacity building, knowledge sharing, and career development.

Wormen Trainings

Training programs

FITSPA has crafted programs that equip women with knowledge on personal branding, goal setting, transformational leadership, and other topical issues that enable continuous learning for better performance in their chosen careers.

  • March 2023 – FITSPA Women facilitated a 6-week Leadership in the Digital Economy Training for 30 women.
  • May 2023 - FITSPA Women also participated in a 2-day Product Development Masterclass.


FITSPA has created a mentorship structure where mentors and mentees are paired to facilitate conversations that enable personal audits and discussions on growth and ambition from a healthy wholesome point of view.

Women Mentorship


FITSPA hosts business-oriented women with end-to-end business coaching sessions to equip them with business basics to take their business to another level. The sessions cover business ideation, customer mapping, value addition, team management, product development, branding, sales and marketing, financial management, monitoring, and evaluation.

FITSPA believes we all stand to win in an industry that’s truly diverse, inclusive, and equal for all. Not only will we finally close the gender gap, but realize more growth as a wider range of skills is displayed in the wake of digital transformation.


FITSPA Women Pitch Competition
FITSPA Women Pitch Competition

At the 4 th edition of the FITSPA Annual Fintech Conference 2022, FITSPA gave women with Fintech solutions an opportunity to pitch their ideas. Of the solutions received, 3 women were selected to receive cash prizes worth 6 million shillings in total cash to boost their business operations.

Leadership for Women in the Digital Age
Leadership for Women in the Digital Age

FITSPA facilitated 30 women from the FITSPA Women community to undergo a 4-week leadership training on essential topics, including leadership styles, personal branding, goal setting, building a personal strategy to achieve your mission, self-leadership and management, and transformational leadership.

FITSPA Women Fintech Masterclass
FITSPA Women Fintech Masterclass

FITSPA conducted a Fintech Masterclass for women which focused on sharing an all-round overview of the Fintech industry. The Masterclass covered topics such as an introduction to Fintech, the evolution of digital financial services technology, the ecosystem and key players, the regulatory landscape, and current trends.