Become A FITSPA Member

Join the FITSPA community and get involved in the development of the Fintech ecosystem

ITEM Bronze
Ugx. 1,000,000/year
Ugx. 3,500,000/year
Ugx. 5,000,000/year
Ugx. 10,000,000/year
Brand visibility: Display the company logo on the FITSPA website.
Access to the FITSPA community WhatsApp group.
Access to the FITSPA Newsletter.
Access to Fintech member meetups and exhibitions.
Access to industry opportunities and events.
Member voting Rights.
Regulatory compliance handholding/support.
Access to staff training and capacity-building opportunities.
Advocacy representation in regulatory and policy discussions.
Linkage meetups with venture capitalists and angel investors.
Appearance on the FITSPA website and select FITSPA branded material.
Access to local and international Fintech opportunities.
Feature in the FITSPA Member Deal Book.
Feature in the FITSPA end-of-year newsletter
Mobilize and promote your events.
Free entry to all FITSPA-organized events.
A Fintech distribution channel connecting members to clients.
A Fintech reference epicenter linking to member validation services.
Foster member interconnectedness, spurring innovation in the Fintech sector.
A link to members providing solutions for in-house technology problems.
Introduction to other Fintech communities in Africa.
Speaking slots at select FITSPA events.
Branding at select FITSPA events.
Free exhibition at the FITSPA annual Fintech conference.
Priority for Vice and Chairperson positions on the FITSPA Board.
Co-host events with FITSPA.
Position yourself as an industry thought leader.
Work jointly with FITSPA to organize training and capacity-building events.
Free branding and exhibition at all FITSPA events.
Host FITSPA members to launch and showcase your solutions and products.
Access to VIP networking events with top executives, decision-makers, and VCs.
Priority access to exclusive invitations to local and international opportunities.
Introductions to key stakeholders and members.
Advertisement on the FITSPA Website.
Presentation slots at FITSPA events.
Priority Implementing partner on FITSPA projects.
Jointly work on research studies and surveys to shape Uganda’s Fintech industry and communities.
Jointly advocate and drive Fintech regulations and policy.
Work with the partner to achieve their strategy/projects.
Speaking slots at selected FITSPA-organized events
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