Call for consultant to conduct women leadership training in the fintech industry


The Financial Technologies Service Providers Association (FITSPA) is an independent, nonprofit, membership-based organization that aims to create a conducive environment to stimulate innovation in the financial services sector by increasing access to affordable financial services through ICT and promoting inclusion in a suitable way.


This assignment is commissioned by FITSPA through support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. FITSPA invites proposals from suitably qualified consultants to conduct a Women Training in Leadership skills.

Women are an evergrowing part of the tech landscape and there is growing representation of  women in tech organizations at a senior level. Whilst this is a welcome move, there are still areas for improvement in the Fintech space to address issues of inclusivity, equality and visibility of women in the Fintech sector.

Women have a small share of IT leadership jobs, while the tech industry struggles to attract more women, retention of those who do enter the field has also been a problem. From a recent survey, women said they left their jobs to seek better opportunities, while nearly the same percentage said they left due to unconducive working environments.

Under the supervision of FITSPA’s Programs and Activities Lead, the consultant will conduct women training to help women upskill in tech leadership roles as per the scope below.


  1. Creating a course module on leadership in the technology sector for women in Fintech which will be the basis of the training. The content will be shared with the FITSPA Team Lead for approval before the commencement of the training. The course will facilitate thirty women in the tech sector to gain foundational understanding of a leaders’ profile, representation, and expectation in a work environment.
  2. Training of women. The training shall be done based on the approved content of the selected modules by the FITSPA Team Lead.
  3. Report writing. A report covering the whole training process shall be provided by the consultant at the end of the training. Areas to be covered during the training should include:
  • Identifying your purpose
  • Goal setting
  • Personal branding
  • Leadership styles
  • Self-leadership and management
  • Transformational Leadership


  1. Developed modules /content. The consultant shall come up with modules with suitable content and submit these to the FITSPA Team Lead for approval. This should also include the mode of training, i.e., virtual, or physical, time frame per module, nature/type/job role of intended trainees, etc.
  2. Training should be conducted as per the approved module. The trainers should follow the syllabus as approved by the FITSPA team.
  3. Training Report covering the approved modules. The report will be accompanied by all necessary documentation.


The successful consultant will possess the following skills and experience.

  • Minimum of 5 years of technical experience in training and leadership skills development.
  • Demonstrable experience and/or understanding of the Fintech industry in Uganda or other East African countries.
  • Working with multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Flexibility and ability to operate in diverse cultural settings and with a variety of stakeholders.


Interested individuals or companies who meet the above criteria are required to submit their proposals which must include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Confirmation of understating of the assignment scope of work in line with development of leadership skill.
  • The work plan and timelines for undertaking and completing the assignment and the deliverables.
  • Experience in relation to the scope of work and assignment requirements.
  • Cost and Payment terms of conducting the assignment per the scope of work.


The selection criteria will be as follows.

  • The methodology/approach of executing the assignment.
  • The cost and payment terms of carrying out the assignment.
  • The timeline for completing the assignment (course module development and conducting of trainings)
  • Capability to conduct on-line and hybrid training sessions.
  • Qualification or experience in leadership training.

FITSPA reserves the right to contact the organization(s) to validate stated work done by the consultant.

The deadline for submission of proposals is:
Date: 3 rd March 2023
Time: 5:00pm

All proposals should be addressed to:

Attention: FITSPA Finance and Administration Committee