Call for the consultant to conduct monitoring and evaluation


The Financial Technologies Service Providers Association (FITSPA) is the umbrella body for Fintechs in Uganda with 204 Fintechs. FITSPA is also an independent, nonprofit, membership- based organization that aims to create a conducive environment to stimulate innovation in the financial services sector by increasing access to affordable financial services through ICT and promoting inclusion in a suitable way.


This assignment was commissioned by FITSPA through the support of FITSPA partners. The partnership started in November 2021, and its main aim is to bring about financial inclusion by supporting the growth of the Fintech ecosystem, through the Apex body. FITSPA is seeking a consultant to undertake monitoring and evaluation of Year two activities of the project.


  • Document results and report on progress of the project.
  • Monitoring the performance of the Year 2 project.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency utilization of project resources.
  • Capture and document the impact of Year 2 activities on the project’s intended beneficiaries.


  • A detailed M&E report and any related and required supporting documents.


The successful consultant will possess the following skills and experience.

  • Demonstrable experience and understanding of the Fintech industry in Uganda or other East African countries.
  • A degree in demography, statistics, mathematics or related field or equivalent experience.
  • Minimum of 5 years of work experience in monitoring and evaluating complex, large development programs.
  • Proven expertise in quantitative and qualitative methodologies, operations research, reporting, data quality assessments, data analysis and presentation.
  • Demonstrated strong management, coordination, teamwork, and planning skills with proven ability to function effectively.
  • Firm command of the M&E issues with respect to improvements in quality service and support programs.
  • Strong technical skills, including ability to process and analyze data.
  • Excellent diplomacy skills and a proven ability to establish and maintain interpersonal and professional relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated outstanding leadership, strategic thinking, organizational, team-building, and representational skills.
  • Expertise in research to practice, identifying and adapting best practices to specific project contexts.
  • Excellent verbal, written interpersonal and presentation skills in English.


Interested parties who meet the above criteria are required to submit their proposals which must

include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Confirmation of understating of the assignment scope of work via detailed methodology and approach to the assignment in line with Monitoring and Evaluation in the Fintech Industry.
  • The methodology/approach of the consultant.
  • The cost and payment terms for completion of the assignment.
  • The work plan and timelines for undertaking and completing the assignment and the deliverables.
  •  Experience in relation to the scope of work and assignment requirements.


The selection Criteria will be as follows.

  • Confirmation of understating of the assignment scope of work.
  • The methodology/approach, work plan and timelines for completion of the assignment and the deliverables.
  • Experience and qualification related and relevant to the assignment.
  • CV(s) of key staff proposed to carry out the assignment.
  • The cost and payment terms of carrying out the assignment.

Note: FITSPA reserves the right to contact the organization(s) to validate stated work done by the consultant.

The deadline for submission of proposals is:
Date: 12 th May 2023
Time: 5:00pm

All proposals should be addressed to:

Attention: FITSPA Finance and Administration Committee