New Borns' Fever

As we were growing up, we watched younger siblings or cousins per say, from the day zero. Some of us welcomed them and others often got us jealous against the favors these babies were to take over. Sometimes we would wish our younger days were still here, only to capitalize on using the opportunity much more efficiently. Unlike our families out there, FITSPA is a collection of so many young babies assembling under the umbrella at the highest pace imaginable.

Boasting over 200 institutions, Financial Technologies Services Providers’ Association (FITSPA) has managed to bring together able tuners of our economy’s turf. Incorporated in 2017 when the financial institution act 2004 got amended, FITSPA has been accelerating fast forward from then on. The community is successfully registering beyond the 200 existing members from the initial 15 in 2017. Must say, very significant growth that is.

FITSPA became a founding member of the Africa Fintech Network (AFN) in 2018, Uganda managed to host the Africa Fintech Festival in 2019, meaningful partnership with Central Bank, NITA-U, Ministry of Finance for Economic Planning, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, aBI Finance to mention but a few. These and more are some of the achievements attached to FITSPA over the years.

Members to this family happen to deal with so many activities within the finance sector. Ranging from banking, payments, wealth management, insurance, capital markets, real estate as well as savings cooperatives activities. Basically, FITSPA poses as a considerable backbone for financial technology in the country. The vast experience and passion they have collected over time has gifted the sector so many fruits. Wakandi Uganda Limited is one of the youngest fruits FITSPA has acquired of late.

Packaging an experience for savings cooperatives and MFIs, the youngest golden sibling to FITSPA has already launched into the deep to digitize operations to swiftness and safeness. Spreading from the capital to as far as the country borders, Wakandi is the next upgrade to amazing SACCO and MFI operations. What are you waiting for to try out the services it flaunts? “Signs out in energizing excitement.”