Customised services for FinTechs in Uganda

Technology Risk services: We understand that there are various requirements set by the regulators to ensure that necessary controls have been implemented and are working as expected. KPMG has the right teams, tools and experience in performing regulator mandated reviews while also keeping in consideration the rapidly changing technology environment.

These services include the following.

  • Risk-based IT audit – National Payment System Audits and other related audits 
  • Technology risk strategy and governance
  • Technology risk assessment
  • IT risk and controls
  • Business continuity Management
  • Tech risk intelligence and automation

Cybersecurity: KPMG offers various services that enable our clients implement proper Strategy & governance mechanisms, improve their programs and processes, maintain their cyber agenda, effectively and efficiently respond to cyber incidents and conduct forensic analysis and detailed investigations and also run and maintain the operations of their critical cyber functions.

These include but are not limited to the following.

  • Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
  • Cyber maturity assessment (CMA)
  • Cyber strategy/target operating model development
  • Cyber Risk Quantification
  • Information governance and privacy
  • Third-party security risk management
  • Senior Management and Board trainings
  • Privacy Advisory
  • Privacy Technology

Anti Money Laundering: Given that Regulators see the financial sector players as gatekeepers to Money Laundering and terrorism financing, KPMG offers a range of Anti Money Laundering services to its clients to help ensure that they are on the right side of local and global regulations and have access to the right tools and guidance to enable them meet their customer agendas. Some of the selected services for FinTechs include the following.

  • Assessing internal AML procedures, policies and controls
  • Compliance program review assessment including scope areas such as Know your
  • Customer, Due diligence, assessing AML training aspects for staff, reporting structure.
  • Drafting of AML policies and restructuring of Compliance functions.
  • Organizational wide AML training to staff and stakeholders.
  • Regulatory required AML compliance review.

Corporate Governance: Corporate governance is an essential part of business, as it helps provide the framework necessary for minimizing risk, ensuring accountability and transparency, and promoting alignment between businesses and stakeholders. As KPMG, the tailored services to FinTechs include the following.

  • Board Evaluations
  • Capacity building for boards
  • Board advisory and training services
  • Corporate Governance reviews

Internal Audit: We understand that Internal audits are critical to enabling business understand risks, evaluate of control environments, and complete risk-based design and operating effectiveness testing and to determine if operations are safe and sound. KPMG offers the range of the selected services below to allow business future proof their internal audit functions and operations at large.

  • Co sourced and outsourced internal audit.
  • Risk assessments
  • Capacity Building of internal audit functions and Board Audit committees 
  • IT Internal Audit

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Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates or related entities.