Inclusion Ambassador

Rural Inclusion

Rural Inclusion CIC is an innovative non-profit organisation with the mission of driving economic development in rural communities worldwide. We are regulated as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in the United Kingdom and founded in 2021 by Jack Farren and Joseph Lukwago.

We believe that financial and digital literacy is a key barrier to rural development, and there is a clear need to modernize the delivery of education to previously underserved communities.

Following a large-scale research project in Central Uganda in 2021, we developed our first solution called Ostrii. Ostrii an offline mobile app used to empower community agents to educate rural communities, and VSLA groups, on financial literacy. Content is produced in the form of 3D/2D animation in local languages, and the platform is designed for use by the agents and extension workers of NGOs, Agribusinesses, and financial institutions.

Our Work in Uganda

Rural Inclusion’s operations began in 2021 in a research project in the Central Region, which reached to 8,395 individuals. Subsequently, in May 2022, the Ostrii platform was piloted with 85 Village Saving & Loan Associations (VSLAs) in the district, in partnership with Lwengo District Business Council and Joy for Humanity Uganda.

The Ostrii platform is currently available for partners to use in Luganda, however the organisation wishes to expand to a minimum of four Ugandan languages during 2023. Currently, there are five full- time members of staff based in Kampala, at our office in the Innovation Village, along with three Inclusion Ambassadors.


Inclusion Ambassador Network

In early 2022, Rural Inclusion launched the Inclusion Ambassador network, which comprises of experts committed to driving financial inclusion and rural development in their home countries. We are proud that the network now includes individuals in seven countries (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda and El Salvador) and a total of 29 ambassadors, who assist the organisation in strategy, local knowledge, partnership development, content creation and monitoring & evaluation.

The network is continually growing and there are three active taskforces for ambassadors to participate in and share knowledge and experience; content creation, data and platform accessibility.

During 2023, the Inclusion Ambassador network will be expanded for professionals in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Peru.

Role Overview

At Rural Inclusion, we believe that collaboration is the most significant factor towards our growth. A collaboration of people, ideas, cultures, and languages.

After a successful pilot project in Central Uganda, we are looking to scale the Ostrii programme into Northern Uganda, with the objective of driving financial inclusion for underserved communities through strategic partners.

Northern Uganda is a key area of growth for us in 2023, and we are looking for an excellent volunteer to join the mission to upskill millions of rural Africans to effectively manage their finances.

This role will be a part-time voluntary position for individuals currently working in financial, technology, or developmental sectors, and the expected commitment is no more than 2 hours per week.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide a supporting role in identification of potential partners for Ostrii in the Northern Region
  • Support our creative team with local knowledge in the conceptualization stage of new ideas and content for Northern Uganda languages.
  • Attendance to In-Person events (If Applicable)
  • Assistance with sourcing appropriate suppliers in the region

Personal Attributes

  • Significant passion for financial inclusion
  • Significant passion for rural development
  • Strong relationship builder, internally and externally.
  • Self-motivated, driven and with the ability to adapt quickly to our ever-changingenvironment
  • Attention to detail, excellent deadline management & organizational skills

Benefits of becoming an Inclusion Ambassador

  • Opportunity to contribute towards increased rural development in Northern Uganda 
  • Opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing social enterprise in its early stages
  • Opportunity to networking across our global network
  • Ambassador Events
  • All Travel Expenses Covered (If Applicable)