Head of ICT & Business Technology

Agent Banking Company

The key ingredients in a job description (JD) - focusing one stablishing a strong digital strategy:

Job Title and Objective:

a) Provide leadership and strategic direction for the bank's IT department. 

b) Drive the implementation of a robust digital strategy.

Digital Strategy Execution:

  1. execute a comprehensive digital strategy aligned with the bank's overall business objectives.
  2. Identify market trends and emerging technologies to drive innovation and continuous improvement of digital banking services.
  3. Collaborate with senior management and other relevant stakeholders to ensure effective integration of digital initiatives across the organization.

IT Infrastructure and Systems:

  1. Oversee the management and maintenance of the bank's IT infrastructure and systems, ensuring their reliability,scalability, and security.
  2. Evaluate and recommend technology solutions and platforms that support the bank's digital transformation goals.
  3. Develop and enforce IT policies, procedures, and standards to ensure effective governance and compliance.

Digital Channels and Services:

  1. Lead the development and enhancement of digital banking channels, including, agency banking, internet banking, mobile banking, and other digital payment solutions.
  2. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and deliver customer-centric digital products and services that improve customer experience and drive customer engagement.

Risk Management and Security:

  1. Manage and mitigate IT-related risks through the implementation of robust security measures and controls.
  2. Stay up-to-date with cybersecurity threats and industry best practices to ensure the protection of customer data and the bank's IT systems.
  3. Develop and implement disaster recovery plans to ensure business continuity in case of incidents or disruptions.

Team Leadership and Development:

  1. Provide strategic direction, mentorship, and guidance to theIT team, fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning.
  2. Define and monitor performance metrics and goals for the team to ensure optimal performance and delivery of IT services.

7) Vendor and Stakeholder Management:

  1. Manage relationships with external partners, vendors, andservice providers to ensure the quality and cost-effectiveness of IT solutions and services.
  2. Collaborate with internal stakeholders, such as business units, risk management, and compliance, to align digital initiatives with organizational objectives and regulatory requirements.

 8) Reporting and Budgeting:

  1. Prepare regular reports on IT performance, progress, and key metrics for management and stakeholders.
  2. Develop and manage the IT budget, ensuring proper allocation of resources to support the implementation of the digital strategy.

9) Other important Duties Perform any other duties as will be assigned from time to time. 

For further information please reach out to;

Chris Kabagambe 

Whatsapp/Mob. +256 755 676 669