"The stories we choose to tell" - FITSPA - Women in Leadership Inaugural Cohort.

FITSPA(Financial Technology Association of Uganda)with over 300 members, plays a pivotal role in catalyzing the development of Uganda's financial services industry through ICT. With Innovation, Advocacy and Community at the forefront, one of our priorities in achieving this vision is creating an ecosystem that fosters gender diversity, equity, and inclusion. The graduation of FITSPA's inaugural Women in Leadership Cohort formed one of the major highlights of the quarter for FITSPA!

The excitement of these 30 intelligent, vibrant, diverse Ugandan women was infectious. It was less about the rare cap and gown experience. But rather an awareness that the narrative of the stories they'd once told to and about themselves could be vastly different. A chapter added that now includes possibilities to disrupt the stereotype.

It took me back to a conversation with Funmi Dele-Giwa, a colleague at MFS Africa, about how we are never just one chapter in society's constant pursuit of absolute definitions. We are multiple chapters of stories that keep being written & can choose how we want any of those chapters of our lives to be told. In putting up their hands for this program, this cohort chose, through their agency, to equip themselves with best-in-class tools to take up more leadership seats within their respective fintechs and sectors. Inspired by the quote, "Leadership is not given on a silver platter. One has to earn it", this program dove deeper into purpose, personal branding, goal setting, transformational Leadership and other leadership styles.

As members of the FITSPA journey, may the many chapters & stories written be synonymous with excellence, confidence, ambition, persistence and audacity.

On behalf the FITSPA Board & Executive team, we extend special thanks to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for their support in making this milestone a possibility.

Doreen Lukandwa
FITSPA -NED/Women's Committee Lead