FITSPA Newsletter 2021

In 2021, FITSPA focused on a few critical areas. Supporting members to comply with the National Payment Systems Regulations took the lead, existing partnerships were strengthened, and new ones were created. More platforms for engagement like the sector forums budded. The association operated under the theme, "Building a safe and regulated eco- system."

The previous year was riddled with challenges, but the industry maintained a growth trajectory, registering more funding for members and the FITSPA as well as gaining the attention of important stakeholders which came in the form of awards for some FITSPA members.

As a result there has been room for fintech to fill the gaps created because of global restrictions. 

The Association is ready to work with partners to grow the industry. We have structured programs around the needs of the industry to fast track its growth, so these partnerships are timely. - Peter Kawumi Chairman Board of Directors, FITSPA.