Farewell dinner for FITSPA Chairman - Peter Kawumi

On the 3rd of March 2022, FITSPA hosted a handover dinner where a representation of all the members attended to bid farewell to the outgoing chairperson, Peter Kawumi. At the same time, welcome the new FITSPA chairperson, Josephine Olok.

The members and partners spoke largely about the exceptional leadership he has provided FITSPA since assuming leadership as a chairperson at FITSPA in 2019. This set the association on a growth trajectory which is evident in the high growth rate of the association.

As mentioned by the members during the dinner, in his tenure, Peter Kawumi had numerous milestones in the areas, investment, partnerships, regulation among others were reached.

FITSPA realized tremendous growth in the number of Fintechs from 7 founding and active members to about 189 members to date and counting. The membership has since diversified to include important ecosystem players like banks, law firms, software development partners among others.

Additionally, the association further earned trust from influential industry associations like the Uganda Bankers’ Association, the Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services among others. This has helped the association to widen its scope of engagement, learning and opportunities pool. All the latter partnerships were achieved during the leadership of Peter Kawumi.

During inception, Financial Sector Deepening Uganda (FSD U) was the only founding partner of FITSPA. To date, FITSPA has more than 6 strong development partners who have taken initiative to invest in FITSPA in both monetary and non-monetary value to progress the key areas in the Fintech industry in Uganda. Some have invested in research and development, while others have taken a keen interest in enabling and funding the regulation process of Fintechs through FITSPA. 

Looking back at all the achievements that had been reached, Peter, extended a great vote of thanks to the FITSPA Board, the secretariat, and the invaluable members of FITSPA who have since diversified and continued to support the association strongly. He mentioned that without them, the association would have not gone as far as it has.

The handover to Josephine was one in which Peter expressed great confidence. In acceptance, Josephine admitted that the new position at FITSPA will certainly not be a simple task, but she is determined to take it on with the support of Peter, seeing that he will still be on the board, the very competent and diverse board of FITSPA, the secretariat, the members, and the partners. On a hearty light note, she mentioned that she understood that she was expected to fill big shoes, but she would take on the challenge “in her high heels.”

FITSPA is grateful for the excellent service of Peter Kawumi and is excited to receive Josephine Olok as the new FITSPA chairperson