A Crack in the foundation: How FITSPA is Repairing the Gender Leadership Gap in Fintech

Imagine a boardroom filled with brilliant minds, strategizing the future of Ugandan fintech. Now, look closer. How many women do you see? Women have been empowered into taking up work in STEM as developers, operations officers, risk management officers, quality assurance officers, etc. However, as you climb up the organizational ladder, you find fewer and fewer women especially in managerial positions. This lack of female leadership creates a crack in the foundation preventing a diverse range of talent and ideas from reaching the top.

The State of Uganda's Fintech Industry report of 2021 revealed a significant gender gap. While most fintech companies employ over 50% women, they account for only 35% of the talent workforce, particularly at managerial levels and in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. This data reflects the persistent industry challenge in attracting and retaining women, despite their increasing representation within tech organizations.

For anyone in any career to grow into a managerial/executive leadership position, they should be empowered with the knowledge, skills, and poise of an Executive Leader. While doing professional courses is important for technical knowledge development, it is also important to create opportunities for women to engage with top level executives and leaders who can share wisdom nuggets, tips, and relatable life experiences that can impact and inspire.

At FITSPA Women, we are committed to repairing this crack in the foundation by bridging the gap in the statistics of women in managerial positions, and creating a transformative environment for women in fintech. We firmly believe in empowering and supporting women's personal and professional lives. To address this gender leadership gap, we organized a 2 day training in partnership with Fidelis Leadership Institute to support women who are looking to grow their executive presence and leadership skills.

We invited renown executive leaders in various organizations to facilitate the attendees with knowledge on a myriad of topics ranging from; Establishing Executive Presence, facilitated by Dr. Dorothy Kyeyune, Leveraging Emotional Intelligence facilitated by Mr. Fred Gyaviira Kyaka, Transitioning into an Executive by Ms. Ritah Mutesi Kabayiza, Negotiating Compensation by  Ms. Pheona Wall SC, Managing Change and Gender Dynamics by Ms. Viola Mboneko, and Role mastering Difficult Conversations by Mr. Alex Asiimwe, Co-founder and CEO at Pearl Financial Solutions. 

FITSPA Training

This training which was attended by slightly over 30 women from different levels of management turned out to be a great success. Not only was it a tool to propel attendees with knowledge that could help them rise to positions of leadership, but also a great place for the attendees to self-discover, network, and share experiences and advice in a cozy peer to peer setting. It saw hope arise as the women embraced their potential to become phenomenal leaders with executive presence. 

Here is what some of them had to say;

"This has come at the right time and I Hope that it can be done more often. Well done! My biggest take out was that the time is now to be the executive that you want. Be exceptionally good. Be undeniably good at your work" -  Angel Nsagi (The Innovation Village)

"The sessions were great. I feel however, that they were given very little time" -  

"All the sessions were very well presented. I appreciated the individual success stories. The trainers’ approach to making the presentations made the learning stick. My biggest take aways were to always be prepared to seize opportunities, dream big, show up and be present, set goals and take steps towards implementing them and the big one, embrace your femininity." - Ayot Yvonne Odida (Kyosk)

"I now know that the sky's the limit for me." - Fatumah Namukasa (Okane Financial Solutions)

"This training has been an eye opener! I learnt about the importance of change management and appreciating both gender talents" - Aima Patricia (The Innovation Village)

FITSPA Training

The success of FITSPA Women's Executive Leadership Training program demonstrates a strong appetite for development among women in Ugandan fintech. By providing targeted mentorship, knowledge-sharing opportunities, and a supportive network, initiatives like this can equip women with the tools and confidence they need to shatter glass ceilings and claim their rightful place in leadership positions. As Fatumah Namukasa of Okane Financial Solutions declared, "I now know that the sky's the limit for me" FITSPA Women is committed to ensuring this sentiment resonates with all women in Ugandan fintech, paving the way for a future where the industry is not only shaped by women, but led by them.