Concept Note

FinTech is a rapidly growing industry in the East African region facilitated by gaps in financial services delivery, increasing mobile penetration and emerging technology which has accelerated innovation. Over the past 5 years, the financial services sector has undergone a series of digital disruptions that have led to the emergence of a FinTech industry that is succeeding either as a stand-alone or as a crucial part of value chains.

Analysts indicate continued growth in the Fintech industry within the region, citing demographic trends which highlight a young millennial population, also described as entrepreneurial, innovative and tech-savvy and seeking to find solutions to common problems. This demographic is taking charge and is keen on exploring new technology trends to enable their lifestyle. Mobile penetration which stands at 62% across the East African region and continued infrastructure development which provides a backbone for innovation to thrive are among the contributing factors. Data and Technology trends have become key components of modern business models which have embraced and now utilize fintech solutions to fill the gaps in the financial services market.

Topics to be discussed

Green FinTech & Finance

Impact of the fintech ecosystem on environmental sustainability.

KYC & Digital ID

Streamlining customer due diligence to enhance customer experience.

Blockchain & Crypto

Blockchain and Crypto asset regulations in Uganda

Digital Finance

Empowering the Future through Digital Financial services

Business Intelligence

How can fintechs survive in a regulated environment.

Women in Fintech

Women empowerment and their role in Fintech eco system

Cyber Crime

Tips and measures on how to safe guard your business from cyber crime

Digital Training

Digital finance Education and upskilling.

Preparation for Investment

How can Fintechs position them selves for opportunity and investment for long term.

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Licensed Fintechs

Shift Your Perspective on Fintech Business

  • The stakeholders will discuss how best Fintechs should prepare, attract and retain investment by deploying the right mix of professional services to realize sound business health.
  • Participants will seek to address the areas of business growth that were exposed in the State of Uganda's Fintech Industry report.
  • Network with non-fintech contributors in the fintech eco-system.
  • See Fintech solutions/products in the market